by - April 14, 2009

I feel really sad..
I feel really bad.. 
It's really sux!!! 
I used 2 b happy wth wat i had now but im sad..
Why don't u try 2 understand me even 4 a while??
You never treat me like dis b4..
n u turned like dis jz bcz of 1 thg..
1 thg dat out of ma mind!!
so plz...
Im begging you..
plz stop it..
even u never noe wat im feeling rite nw,
but Allah owez noe bout dat..
n Allah da only 1 who noes wat im asking for..

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2 7 Comments

  1. ntah la wei..
    xtau nk kabo gane..
    biar je r ms yg menentuN sglnye..