by - January 15, 2010

salam guys..

mlm ni seperti yg dh dijanjikan..
I'll advertise something..


sample for doorgift

sample dalam botol

ha..sape2 yg mnt gle ngn cookies ni (bukan cookies dlm web browser 2 ukeh!)
boleh la tempah ye..
tapi b4 nk tempah, korg mesti t'tanye2 an
~cmne ngn harganye?
~cmne nk tempah?
~cmne nk byr?

ha..jgn risau jgn khuatir..segala2nye akan di'explain'kan d cni..

RM16/100 pieces.. 
~ For the gift, the packaging may be requested by customer..
Terms & Conditions: 
~ We provide delivery, and the courier service can be choose by customer.. 

Payment can be made in several ways: 
1) Cash payment 
2) Cash deposit to our account 
3) Bank transfer 

~ Price of the products may be changed from time to time. 
~ We'll not be responsible for any damaged / delayed of products. 

For more details please email or call to: 
hp no::0172495837 (jefri)

yok mkn choc oat cookies! sedap lagi enak gitu..^_*

tNx gUys! ^_^

Dzailin Dzulkaflie

XX + XY - sHaRiNg iS seXy

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4 7 Comments

  1. owh nampak mcm sedap..tapi bila didelivery ke penang...kompom hancus segala~

  2. hahaha..
    klu mcm 2 pakcu kne bli yg kt penang je la..ngee~