Feel like SUX!!

by - March 27, 2010

orite. this is not me ukeh! i just want to express ma feeling dat feeling so stress!

u noe wut?? 
i cnt thnk anthg rite now!
wut i can do is only look at my lappy w/o doing anthg!
like a dumb person! huh!!
i dnt noe how 2 finish up this IP project.
my last project. yeah.

even though ma Core Servlets n JavaServer Pages book is on da table, in front of me, but i still cnt find da rite ans.
and ma head is start spinning.
i thnk dis is bcz im not sleep yet for da whole day.
am i too bz with dis project?
or am i too bz with facebooking?
or too bz with blogging?
all those are correct. huhu.
so now, i juz want 2 close ma book, safari browser, mozilla browser n also Netbeans.
and of course shutdown ma lappy!
nyte guys. 
oh. im wrong. morning guys! ^_^

look at da time now!
it's almost 6am..huhu
so i thnk i should wait till time for pray.
if not i'll only pray in ma bad dream..huhu.

tNx gUys! ^_^

Dzailin Dzulkaflie

XX + XY - sHaRiNg iS seXy

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6 7 Comments

  1. Mesti kes buntu tahap gaban nie....

  2. Semoga dipermudahkan mendapat ilham dan idea yea.....

  3. cool babe,,,

    berdoa, semoga dipermudahkan! aminnn

  4. adeh...tak dapat nolong..nolong kesiankan aje la

  5. >>kisahremaja
    ye..mmg buntu tahap gaban..huhu

    tnx dude!

    >>sugar2 kapas strawberry
    tnx girl!

    orait fid..tnx!

    sgt sedeyh..huhu