by - April 19, 2010

hola guys!!
i da smpi umh..yeay!!
it took 4 hours u knw..huhu..

orite.  now i wanna proceed with ma story.
according 2 da title dat i wrote, 'manjanya lelaki itu', what u guys think bout it?
ok. i juz simply write here in malay what i meant by dat.

~tolong suapN mknn
~tolong urut2kan jari
~tolong urut2kan tgn
~tolong urut2kan tengkuk
~tolong letak eye glo dlm mate
~tolong sapu balm kt dahi
~tolong urut2kan dahi
~tolong buat air minuman

see?? betape manjanye lelaki itu. 
but who's dat guy actually huh?
maybe u already know..
maybe u don't even know..

but..b4 u think something bad..
let me tell u 1 thing..
there is a reason for what have been done.
please don't let urself be a -ve thinker.

ok. c u later!

tNx gUys! ^_^
Dzailin Dzulkaflie
XX + XY - sHaRiNg iS seXy

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