Happy 22nd Birthday, Dzailin Dzulkaflie! v(^_^)v

by - December 07, 2011

Assalamualaikum and hi reader!
Today is my lovely, perfect, nice, and awesome day for me! Yeah!
You know why? Because today is my birthday! Yay!
I feel like the most happiest person in the world today..Haha!
I can't wait to go back hometown..meet my parents because they have something for me!
Oh really surprise meyh! Haha!

I really appreciate all those wishes that I received from my family, friends and bloggers! 
Thank you so much guys! May Allah bless you! v(^_^)v
Last but not least, listed below are my wishes for myself. Hopefully I can fulfill all those wishes! v(^_^)v

#1 More love for family, friends and future husband
#2 More patience
#3 Less complaining
#4 Smile always
#5 Learn to cook
#6 Save more money
#7 Be strong

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